Bands and the Old-School Problem With New Media and MySpace

Right now, there are over eight thousand groups on MySpace. There are plenty of content, guides, and organizations that tell you, in various overenthusiastic methods, how to produce your group to the top public media websites of the time.

Now, with that said, the following illustrations offer a few possibly practical choices for a group to consider in funding their future:

1) Personal Finances

Though this recommendation might make you blanch if you’re not willing to the financial institution on yourself, why should anyone else? It does not look great to any outside celebration if you do not have so much assurance in your achievements that you’re not willing to put your own cash were orally area is.

2) Friends and Family

Just like any early-stage company, professionals recommend that your first way to obtain outside funding should be to strategy individuals that know you best your liked ones. After all, they want you to be successful and there’s nothing better than someone that truly considers in you assisting you. There are also why you should be careful of it, however; professionals also recommend never combining liked ones with cash.

3) Fans

Why not strategy individuals that appreciate the very substance of your musical show genius? They might be very willing to help since they are already economically assisting work. And it always will pay to ask around: you never know whose fan’s cousin’s sibling might be enthusiastic about this exclusive kind of chance.

3) Conventional Lenders

Business financial loans are very challenging to get. One of the first concerns credit provider will ask about, aside from your credit rating and what kind of security you have, is what the borrowed funds is for. When you discuss “band,” “music market,” or some mixture thereof, all credit providers listens to is “high-risk.” So why are financial loans in the “realistic economical options” category? Because the borrowed funds provider may be able to help you come up with some innovative alternatives that would match your economical goals.

The following are economical choices that groups might want to reconsider:

1) Government Grants

Unless you are preparing on somehow becoming a nonprofit (and no, being split does not qualify) then doesn’t even hassle implementing for government allows. They agree to 501c3 non-profits only and implementing will just spend your time.


In my viewpoint, any group able to increase $50,000 ought to be investing it on more than just documenting. Of the needed $50,000 price range Sellaband should be brought up through a group’s “believers” (their fans) before any funds are allocated, $30,000 is invested on documenting a photo record with a Sellaband “Expert” manufacturer and $20,000 goes to production and circulating 5,000 CDs. Performers get a shop with ad income divided between the group and their “believers.” In return, Sellaband statements 40% of the album’s posting.

3) Promoting Your Human body parts and/or Soul

Call me the prude, but selling anything your whole body cannot recreate on its own does not audio like a secure concept. And selling your spirit just comes across as trying too difficult.

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